About SQLkey

This site is presented by John Griffiths, a long time Clarion programmer.

Apologies that this site deals only with Microsoft-SQL. Apart from some web stuff using MySQL, I have not worked with any other SQL based systems.

I have been using Clarion with MS-SQL for many years (in fact since 1999) and have found several items that I thought would interest other Clarion programmers. More will be added from time to time as I get a chance to expand this site.

I wish to acknowledge the SQL guidance and help I got from my long time friend George Hale. George, sadly has passed on.

I live mostly in Australia (Brisbane QLD area) but spend a few months each year in Texas USA staying with family and friends.

My wife Candace and I enjoy travelling and seeing new places, looking after grandchildren and trying new foods. Occasionally we enjoy local wines.

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to work from almost anywhere. As I am now retired, I can choose not to work! And “work” is a four letter word.

This site is built using the WordPress CMS.  I tried using Joomla! a couple of times and Drupal once, but finally settled on WordPress due to its design and features.


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About Clarion

Clarion is a great programming language and environment for writing software for MS-Windows PCs.
Clarion for Windows is developed by SoftVelocity.

Clarion is great for writing business and database software systems. It generates very fast and efficient compiled 32bit executables. One great feature is that a Clarion program can include code written in the Clarion language, in C++, in Modula-2 and Assembler . The Compiler and Linker handle it all.

There is a great range of third party add-ons and a friendly group of users around the world.

There are several other sites where you can find Clarion related SQL: articles:

Clarionmag.com (By my friend Dave Harms)


Icetips.com (By my friend Arnor Baldvinsson)


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