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A few details about this SQLKey web site.

I have revised the SQLKey web site from using static html pages to now using a WordPress CMS.

I am still learning more about WordPress but have found it much better and easier to work with than Joomla! which I have tried.

I also tried Drupal, but that looked like a full-time job with a longer learning curve.

The site is designed as a place to post a few tips and tricks for programming with  Clarion For Windows  , and more importantly, with using Clarion with  MS-SQL   .


As of late 2017, I am now 100% retired. I have trained up a friend (Kerry Leighton of Genawise Australia) and he contacts me with a few questions from time to time.  Kerry works for Genawise Australia, the company that purchased all my clients from me.


 John Griffiths 



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  1. We are using SQL as the back end to Clarion. I was wondering if there is a way to activate a stored procedure in SQL, pass it a value in a variable, and then capture the results for a report. Any suggestions?

    1. Sure Walter. Use the CALL statement in your “prop:sql”. I use a DummyTable to do what you want. Yell if you want more and I’ll see if I can post an article on this.

      From the CW Help:

      SQLFile{PROP:SQL}='CALL GetRowsBetween(2,8)' !Call stored procedure

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